PS Tomorrow's World project

Continuing our Tomorrows’ World program with renewed energy

The global pandemic’s sudden and widespread impact undoubtedly made 2020 one of the toughest, grueling, and perilous years in the history of PS. Not since 2001 during Enron case and the Financial Crisis of 2008 has PS faced such consequential challenges. It was our team’s discipline and determination to work amid all the social disruption caused by the pandemic that has helped PS overcome them. The dedication and willingness of our team all forthrightly exhibited gives us a renewed sense of unbounded optimism for the future of PS.




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Together, we didn’t just prove the PS business is robust, resilient and able to withstand the toughest and most extreme global economic crisis. But during 2020 we in fact managed to significantly accelerate our progression which now puts PS firmly on track to meet the demands of the future. We managed to rapidly adapt to Home Office requirements, implement new e-processes relating to client data exchange, and enhance our ability to interact virtually, alongside numerous other critical changes. The digitalisation of PS has risen to new heights, cementing the foundations for us to make exceptional progress on our journey to PS Tomorrow’s World.


We are not done. There are many challenges still ahead, and navigating them will require significant will, togetherness and belief in what we can achieve. But as we stand now at the start of 2021, we can confidently say that we have never been closer and more ready to realise new opportunities.


We move into 2021 much stronger, with a bright and positive outlook for this year and beyond.



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