PS is proud that its professionals have supported teaching the subject “Business Project Planning” of BGE PSZK for many years. Almost a decade of cooperation continued in the previous semester, when two projects at PS were being worked on by students who applied for the course. Of course, we will continue to look forward to those interested in our business processes through the common PS-BGE course.

Edicational cooperation




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Marketing strategy project

One team of students, four of which are shown in the picture with the PS project leader, examined the marketing strategy of PS, focusing predominantly on social media.

Students have assessed and analysed where and how PS uses social media opportunities and what role these channels have in the marketing activities of the company. The project was an excellent opportunity to use the marketing methods studied at university and to compare the practices of PS and its competitors.

Students individually prepared interviews with selected members of the marketing and HR team on the marketing goals and strategy of PS. Then they also drew up a questionnaire in which the opinion of one of our partner groups was asked on by what marketing element they – as current employees – were impressed at the time of their application, and which characteristics of PS they are the most proud of, and which of them would, in their view, be worth to be better emphasized to the outside world.

Building on the experience of the survey and on their own “Z-generation” social media usage patterns, students have developed a proposal for the management of PS to explore ways to improve communication.


Process efficiency development project

In the other project, students were working on a subject related to PS efficiency improvement goals, so they could study the daily processes and professional life of our market leading company closely.

The students were responsible for analysing the main PS working processes and developing a proposal for each process that focused on both time and capacity levels. Once standards have been set, a recommendation has been made for a KPI system that allows objective measurement of effectiveness and makes proposals for development areas and instruments.


Evaluation of the course

In addition to the development of high-quality professional analyses and proposals, the students have also successfully achieved the skills development objectives of training, which were team work, work organization, project management, strategic thinking and presentation technology.

This year’s courses also provided students with the opportunity to test digital collaboration solutions that PS successfully uses to ensure uninterrupted services during the COVID-19 emergency. Thus, the final presentations for the management of PS were also held by students within the framework of “Teams meeting”.

Presentations have been very successful, so PS project managers have given a top mark to all students!


Cooperation will continue…

Our senior staff have always been delighted with participating I teaching the “business project planning” curriculum, so the next semesters will also look for new interested students who want to gain insight into the professional work of the market-leading PS.

And why do we feel that educational cooperation between PS and BGE PSZK is particularly successful and mutually beneficial? Because a number of ambitious proposals made by qualified students over the past years have been implemented, and by accepting PS’ job offer, many of them have been able to participate in putting their own ideas into practice.