Experienced Senior


What motivated you to apply to Process Solutions?

When I first learnt about PS, I was looking for an internship program. I really liked the idea of working as a part-time intern while I was still a college student. PS offered an internship program which meant real, professional work with amazing development opportunities.

What tasks do you have as a Senior?

As a Senior Accountant, I have a variety of tasks; my clients are from different industries and we provide several types of service to almost all of them. All the tasks are done in teams, so my responsibility is to coordinate the team and harmonize different jobs. Sometimes we have to deal with comprehensive accounting, taxation and reporting, sometimes we check the accounting and taxation documents compiled by the client so that they meet the legal requirements. There are also different projects and clients who delegate only one, special part of their bookkeeping.

What do you consider as a challenge?

The work requires continuous learning. From time to time I have new clients, which means familiarizing myself with new processes, new laws, or maybe new software. You have to keep up with changes, which represents challenge and brings new experience.

What kind of support and training did you get that helped you to be such a successful employee of PS?

As an intern I was given the basic training needed to get to know the most important software and processes, so I was able to progress in the field of accounting and taxation. I take part in new training every year so that my knowledge stays up to date and I can be sure that I’m always aware of current changes in the law, and my knowledge is improved in new fields too. I have also participated in an IFRS training course, a tax conference and an ACCA course, all supported by the company.

What do you consider as a success?

For me, success is when I love what I do, and my work is appreciated by others as well.

Accounting Intern

Mindenképp olyan céget kerestem gyakornoki időszakomra, ahol aktívan részt vehetek a könyvelési folyamatokban. Aztán megtaláltam a PS hirdetését, ahol olyan hívószavak szerepeltek, amik nagyon szimpatikussá tették a céget: így például  kiemelt fejlődési lehetőséget adnak a képzések, a rotációval többféle iparágból származó ügyfélnél van lehetőségem sokrétű tapasztalatot szerezni, ráadásul a home office lehetőség is adott.

Experienced Accounting Associate

I like to work at PS because, despite the stereotype of the monotony of accounting, I feel that my daily work is very diverse and even exciting.

Accountant Assistant

During the university years many of my friends started to work as intern with PS. All said that it is a fine workplace with much opportunity for professional development.

Semi Senior

When I approached the end of my college studies I spent my practice semester with PS, since then I work here.

Experienced Senior

When I first learnt about PS, I was looking for an internship program. I really liked the idea of working as a part-time intern while I was still a college student.

Senior Manager

"I have received a lot of support from my colleagues during the years and, without a doubt, I gained most of my professional knowledge from them."


“To me success is when people who work with me feel well, clients are satisfied or we have managed to get a bigger client or an internal project.”

Semi Senior

During my university years I deemed it important to reinforce the theoretical knowledge obtained there also in practice.


After the second year at the university when I was looking for a place for my mandatory four-week summer practice I chose PS.

Experienced Accountant Assistant

I heard about PS from an earlier group mate who had been working with them for some time and said that it was a good place and I should send my application to them.

Accountant Assistant

I was looking primarily for a place for my practice in the professional semester when I first met PS at the HVG job exchange, then I was admitted to the company.