Professional life

We build our professional team by carefully selecting people with university or college background from the best local institutions. We focus on shaping their professional life through complex training programs and on-the-job development in a structured, supportive environment ensuring a continuous professional career for all our team members.



PS is proud that its professionals have supported teaching the subject “business project planning” of BGE PSZK for many years. Almost a decade of cooperation continued in the previous semester, when two projects at PS were being worked on by students who applied for the course. Of course, we will continue to look forward to those interested in our business processes through the common PS-BGE course.

Leading rating agencies qualified our crisis resilience as excellent


Recently, both Opten and Bisnode have examined Process Solutions Hungary (PS) for crisis resilience. The results are excellent in a highly changing economic environment, which provides clients and employees with the right guarantee for safe and balanced operations.

PS is looking forward to the competition of Factory of the Year 2020


PPH Media, publisher of  GyártásTrend, announced the competition “Factory of the Year” also for the year 2020. Process Solutions will continue to be a peer review partner also this year, now for the sixth time. Winners of 2019 round of the competition, which were unusually published online, are also shown below.

Quick, full and strictly managed transition to home office... Done succesfully.


Surely we are all affected by the coronavirus emergency, which most companies handle in ways such as home office. PS’s corporate culture has already supported this type of work, but working from time to time at home is a completely different challenge than moving hundreds of colleagues into home office mode in an extremely short amount of time.

Local VAT – Constant challenge for international webshops


The British luxury brand, Ted Baker and the European business process outsourcing company, Process Solutions expanded their cooperation to 10 countries, including Hungary, Czechia, Estonia, Greece, Italy, Poland, Romania, Croatia, Cyprus, Malta and Slovenia.

Automation also revolutionizes payroll


Process Solutions, accounting and payroll service provider has researched data from 150 companies which are increasingly switching to paperless or even fully automated solutions. The main reason for this change is that automated processes are faster and more reliable solutions.

Winners of competition “Factory of the Year 2018” organised with technical partnership of PS announced


This is already the fourth occasion that winners are announced in the competition organised by GyártásTrend Magazin and its publisher PPH Media. Process Solutions, is proud of supporting the successful management of this competition of more and more increasing prestige from the outset.

New leadership appointments at Process Solutions


PS has applied a new organizational structure as of February 2019, appointing four of its managers as new partners. The change has been necessitated by the growth of the company in the past few years.

PS’ survey: How companies have reacted to the changes in the fringe benefits – Cafeteria package


On July 20, 2018, the Hungarian National Assembly adopted the 2019 tax package that fundamentally changed the rules for fringe benefits. Our research aimed to look into how employers reacted to the changes that came into effect in January.

PS Poland was awarded as The Fastest Growing Accounting & Payroll Organisation


As a result of its development and effective operation in 2018, Process Solutions Poland won the Fastest Growing Accounting & Payroll Organisation award on the Outsourcing Stars competition.